Friday, September 23, 2011

We made it!

Barring a huge natural disaster, we'll get the funding this weekend for the Fling. As of right now, we are about $250 over the $3,500 goal we had set. It's fun to see that it made it. We also have the production version ready to go, complete with aluminum rivets. It looks sharp. Here are a few pictures. I also included a highlighter in one of the pictures to give you a sense of the scale of the part. They work great!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Almost there...

About a month ago, we re-submitted the Fling project on Kickstarter. In the first few days, we received a large number of pledges, mostly of those that had pledged before and were pledging again... But since then, we have had a steady stream of pledges coming in and we just reached 90% of the funding this morning, and that's with 9 more days left on the project!

As it appears that we'll make the $3,500 goal (easily), we decided to create the tooling that we needed to fabricate the catapults. With the help of the fine folks at Premier Powder Coating, we bent up a couple of tools that make the creation of the design a snap. Dave and I have also started laying up the catapult arms, and they look excelleint! Here are a couple of pictures of the tool and the catapult arms...

We also had our rivet press tool come in this week. This will allow us to attach the catapult arm to the base and make it look good. The rivets are flat on the bottom and will have a rounded top to them. They look excellent!

The diamond tipped tile saw will be in today. Once we have that, we'll be set and will able to do the final production and assembly next week. We'll keep you posted! -Kyle