Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We got the funding, now it's time to make some pens...

On December 14th, we got the funding from Kickstarter--almost $16,000! It was a great experience, and we are now in production mode. They look incredible! Attached are some pictures of the parts in progress. The folks at Quality Concepts Machine are doing a great job. They have been very professional to work with , and make an incredible product.

Here's the process... First, they start with a rod of stainless steel and rough form it:

Next, they machine in the cosmetic grooves, as well as the o-ring grooves.

This is a picture of the back of the pen, complete with o-ring grooves...

Here's the finished part (after we take off the "nub"):

Here's the back on the pen, and the finished cap as well:

Another shot of the finished pen and cap:

And the finished product...

We are still on track to start shipping later this month. So far, so good!

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